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Format of the reference:
Format of the authorname:
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Name Reference Format of authorname
ieeetr hide/show [2] H. J. Simpson
is-abbrv hide/show [2] H. J. Simpson
is-alpha hide/show [Sim95] Homer Jay Simpson
is-plain hide/show [2] Homer Jay Simpson
is-unsrt hide/show [2] Homer Jay Simpson
jbact hide/show [2] Simpson, H. J.
jmb hide/show [Simpson, 1995] Simpson, H. J.
jtb hide/show Note (Simpson, 1995) Simpson, H. J.
nar hide/show [2] Simpson, H. J.
phcpc hide/show [2] Simpson, H. J.
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Links & Tips

If you're searching for a bibtex-style as used in a specific journal, you can find it in the LaTeX Bibliography Styles Database. If you want to create you're own style, I recommend this Bst generator as a grafical userinterface for latex makebst. If you want superscript numbers as reference or other kinds of 'different' numeric citations, use the Cite-Package. Here you can find a PDF with 44 common used styles demonstrated. Something similar can also be found here.

Here are the LaTeX and BibTeX-files I used. A (not always up-to-date) excerpt of the database as CSV can be found here.

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